In winter time, Utrecht might be at its prettiest! Enjoy the city's beautiful lights and use our lamps to brighten your Polaroids.

One year into the pandemic, we’re all struggling with Covid fatigue. The virus has completely disrupted our social lives, and our mental health is significantly impacted. To survive this crisis, it is essential to get out of the house and engage in (Corona-proof) activities.

Are you out of ideas for things to do in Utrecht during Corona? In this blog post, we have listed our favorite Corona proof activities in Utrecht. Just remember to make it home before curfew!

1. Go out on the water with the Airbnb for boats

If you ask us, sailing through the canals is definitely one of the best Corona-proof activities in Utrecht. You’re probably familiar with a few companies that rent out boats, but did you know there was a fun alternative? Many Utrechters own their own boat, which they rent out to fellow citizens. Whether you’re into sloops, yachts, or speedboats, you’ll find your pick on

2. Recreate the restaurant experience at home

Picture: Blij

If we can’t go to the restaurant, then why not bring the dining experience to our homes? Many Utrecht-based restaurants have developed a dedicated ‘stay at home’ menu during Corona. Next to great food, restaurants Blij and Se7en even deliver candles and the QR code to their own Spotify playlist to your doorstep. Grab a good bottle of wine, light the candles, and create a memorable evening with your loved one(s).

3. Walk around the ‘singel’ with ‘Man Man Man de Podcast’

Are you bored with your walking routine? Then it’s time to add ‘Man Man Man de podcast’ to the mix. Bring your headphones and listen to this hilarious Utrecht-made podcast. We dare you to hold back your laughter! Podcasts are a great way to learn a language, so if you’re not fluent in Dutch yet, this could be great for you too.

A walk around the singel takes about 1,5 hours, just long enough for two episodes. Our favorites are ‘eten en drinken’ and ‘vakantie’. But feel free to start at the beginning 😉

4. Go for a BBQ at Wilhelminapark

Utrecht has several beautiful parks, but the Wilhelminapark is THE place to be. When the weather allows for it, locals head up to Wilhelminapark to soak up the sun. Get a few chilled beers and a disposable BBQ at the Albert Heijn around the corner and blend in with small groups of friends and students. Pro tip: if you go to the park in the evening, claim a spot on the East side, where you’ll get the longest time of sunshine.

5. Play the Utrecht Photo Challenge

With summer around the corner, you can’t wait to get out and enjoy the city. But what options are you left with during Corona? With the Utrecht Photo Challenge, you’ll experience the city in a whole new way: by playing a game.

The goal of the challenge? Find the 10 locations, armed with the perfect urban explorer tools: a map and a retro Polaroid camera. For each location, you’ll have one model picture to recreate. Make your team members strike and capture the scene! The extra challenges in the game surely make it exciting for locals too.

corona proof utrecht

The game takes about 2 hours, after which you’ll get to enjoy a drink together with your team. Last but not least, you get to keep your own polaroids.

During Corona, the Utrecht-based city game can be booked for groups that are part of one household. So grab your chance and book this Corona proof activity together with your housemates! Check for more info.

What did you think of our tips on things to do in Utrecht during Corona? Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration!

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